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Salon is a gathering of dedicated decorative painters from around the world coming together to exhibit their work and discuss old and new techniques, products, and information in the field. The Salon, which began in 1992 in Belgium with a small gathering of professionals, reconvened in 1996 and has been coming together in growing numbers every year since.

The Salon is now recognized as the most important and significant gathering of decorative painters in the world.

Participants of The Salon include teachers from schools as well as those who are independent commercial craftspeople. The Salon is a way for some of the most unique traditions within the field of decorative arts to be shared amongst one another and ultimately, passed onto participants’ students.

The opportunity enhances and extends the level of communication between serious and committed craftsmen.

The Salon is also a way for visitors and the outside public to experience the high quality of work present and meet the real masters of this craft. Ongoing demonstrations and an exhibit hall allow visitors and participants to view works specifically created for The Salon.

2020 Salon will be the 25th Salon which held in Shanghai China from 24th April to 28th April 2020.

  • Brief Time Schedule (We’ll update the full version soon, thanks for the waiting.)
  • 4/23 Setting day, install panels. Pre opening dinner
  • 4/24-4/27 Salon exhibition
  • 4/27 Closing Dinner
  • 4/28-4/29 Post Salon

Salon Shanghai Office

  • Email/ 2020salonshanghai@gmail.com
  • Facebook/ 2020 salon shanghai
  • http://www.facebook.com/2020SALONSHANGHAI/
  • Bella Vista/
  • Website/ www.bellavistastudio.cn
  • Adderss/ 1366 Qixin road, Qibao town, Minhang district, shanghai
  • Tel/ +86 (021)24201368      Host/ David Hsueh